Miglic Macleod

Our philosophy is to find the best people and give them the freedom to learn, innovate and outperform.

We have a high-calibre team of consultants with the skills, knowledge and practical experience to facilitate all aspects of your project.

We understand the issues and challenges involved in bringing a project to fruition, and have a sound understanding of the laws, legislation and regulations to ensure compliant outcomes.

Peter Miglic

Paul Borhani

Ken MacLeod

Hanlet Lui

Matthew Tamburrelli

Gojko Mitrovic

Suchit Seenuth

Jethro Salim

Carl McFeat

Fiona Johns

Bennet Ranee

Yuan Cao

Neil Chand

Our Values


We deliver a high quality of work on time – we do what we say we are going to do.


Technically up to the challenge and understand what needs to be done. We remain abreast of the latest innovation and look for opportunities to apply this.


Our people are approachable and communicate well. We listen carefully to customer needs and engage effectively to deliver these needs.

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