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Master Planning

Master planning considers the adaptive reuse of a client’s existing building portfolio in relation to future needs. It is an outcome-driven practice that brings architects, engineers, portfolio owners and community groups together to assess and determine the future aesthetic and functionality of the portfolio, and the steps required to get there.

Over 20 years experience

Miglic MacLeod has more than 20 years’ experience in providing master planning services across the Education, Aged Care, Health and Residential sectors.

We work with architects to understand their vision for a range of building portfolios. Our structural and civil engineers comprehensively photograph our clients’ building portfolios, and assess the feasibility of their vision based on structural and civil engineering considerations.

As a registered engineering consultant with Heritage Victoria, our work comprehensively addresses heritage listed buildings and their unique requirements for future planning.

You can read about some of our recent work at Star of the Sea School and Sacred Heart College.





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