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Mayflower Aged Care

In 2017, Miglic MacLeod was asked to provide engineering design for a brand-new 2-story building to replace the existing Reservoir Mayflower aged care facility. Part of the project purpose was to provide more beds, increasing the residential capacity from 38 to 110.

Our engineers worked with awarded architects CHC to design a single structure that was flexible and could be adapted for any future changes in planning and architecture. This was done by using a steel structure with a 7-8 metre span, so the client could remove the walls within frames and change the plan as required.

The overall structural system included:

  • A timber truss roof
  • Condeck slab for the first floor, supported by a steel structure
  • Precast panels for lifts and stairs.

The project posed several design challenges. A quick construction would be necessary to not adversely impact the day-to-day quality of life of the elderly residents. A Condeck slab and steel structure were used for efficient construction.

Acoustics also posed a challenge. The connecting phase of the project has the potential to disturb residents. To address this issue, our structural engineers selected materials that minimize and, in some instances, mute noise disruption.

Demolition of the existing buildings was planned in two phases so that there would be one functional building to house residents. Our engineers were required to keep the structural and civil elements separate yet functional.  Our design solution allowed the integrity of the civil structures to be preserved throughout demolition and construction.  



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The design needed to be flexible to adapt to any future changes in planning and architecture.

Sector: Aged Care
Service: Aged Care, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering
Materials: Concrete, steel, timber
Value: $30 million
Location: Reservoir, VIC
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