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Structural engineering

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Structural engineering

Through our design, documentation and advisory services, Miglic MacLeod provides a comprehensive structural engineering service for our clients. As a triple certified and fully insured engineering consultancy, we have a foundation that provides better processes and outcomes for our clients.

Our goal is to provide safe and efficient design for readily constructible and maintainable projects.

Strategically complementing our offer, our quantity surveying services provide us with a unique perspective in understanding the cost efficiency of design. This provides a unique appreciation of the cost of construction.

Our structural engineering services include:Heritage Council Victoria 

  • Project feasibility studies
  • Structural design services
  • Revit and AutoCAD drafting services
  • Design certification
  • Master planning (structural considerations)
  • Heritage assessments and reports (preferred supplier to Heritage Council Victoria)
  • Structural assessments and advice
  • Structural reports.


Our approach

Our engineers will work with you to understand project objectives, construction schedules and budgets. Our capable structural engineers provide design and documentation solutions in alignment with the project objectives.


Heritage assessments

As a recognised heritage consultancy with Heritage Victoria, Miglic MacLeod provides heritage assessments and reports on historic buildings with heritage value. We understand the significance of heritage buildings, and the need to ensure these heritage buildings remains safe and reliable in the future.


Service sectors

  • Large infrstructure
  • Aged care
  • Education
  • Land development
  • Bridges and transport
  • High end residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial.




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